On behalf of Professor Ossoduro and Axé Capoeira Vancouver we would like to invite you to our annual event, batizado, and troca de corda. This year we will be hosting a full day filled with capoeira workshops to be conducted in one of British Columbia’s breathtaking locations. The Aulão will be lead by president and leader of Axé Capoeira, the legendary Mestre Barrão. Please join us for this amazing event.

Dates of event: July 26th – July 29th, 2018

Schedule of events:

  • Thursday – July 26th: 5pm – 9pm:

    Capoeira workshops and Roda, held at the Axé Capoeira Vancouver Academy

  • Friday – July 27th: 5pm – 9pm:

    Capoeira workshops and Roda, held at the Axé Capoeira Vancouver Academy

  • Saturday – July 29th: 11am – 5pm:

    Live Afro-Brazilian show and Capoeira Aulão, location: TBC
    *8:30pm – 9:30pm: Roda de Rua, held at English Bay

  • Sunday – July 30th: 2pm – 6pm:

    Live Afro-Brazilian Show, batizado, and troca de corda, held at the Britannia Theatre

  • *Schedule is tentative and subject to change*

Confirmed Guest list:

Guests of honour:

  • Mestre Barrão – President of Axé Capoeira, Recife,Brazil
  • Mestre Fantasma – Escola Brasileira de Capoeira, Philippines
  • Professora de dança Graduada Dona Aurinha – Axé Capoeira, Vancouver, BC, Canada

Special guests:

  • Mestrando Tigrão – Axè Capoeira Calgary
  • Contra-Mestre Barraozinho – Vice President, Axè Capoeira, Vancouver, BC, Canada
  • Contra-Mestre Testa – Axé Capoeira Victoria
  • Contra-Mestre Camara – Axè Capoeira Arizona
  • Contra-Mestre Paraiba – Axè Capoeira Toronto
  • Professor Ossoduro – Axè Capoeira Vancouver
  • Professor Tartaruga – Axè Capoeira Czech Republic
  • Professor Bambu – Axè Capoeira Chicago
  • Instrutora Carnaúba – Axè Capoeira Surrey
  • Instrutora Andrea – Axè Capoeira Victoria
  • Instrutor Polvo – Axè Capoeira Vancouver
  • Instrutor Doido – Axè Capoeira North Vancouver
  • Graduada Alicia – Axè Capoeira Comox
  • Graduada Mulher Maravilha – Axè Capoeira Vancouver
  • Graduada Mumia – Axè Capoeira Vancouver
  • Graduada Formiga – Axè Capoeira Victoria
  • Graduada Chika – Axè Capoeira Vancouver
  • Graduada Tupi – Axè Capoeira Vancouver


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