One of the largest capoeira events in the history of our school will be happening november 2015. This event will be jam packed with lots of high level capoeiristas from all over the world. Our event will be an intense training camp, where masters will come and do intensive seminars throughout the day. We will also be travelling to various locations in the north east of brazil.

This is the set official dates:
Arrive in recife, brazil, november 12, 2015
Leave recife, brazil, november 26, 2015
That means for most students will be coming from outside south america will have to leave your respective countries november 11, in order to arrive november 12, 2015.

The last day of our official event will be nov 26, 2015. that means on the 27th everyone will be getting dropped off at the airport to return to their homes. you should be arriving home by November 28th, 2015 Check out the event on Facebook here:


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