Graduada Mumia

Julie “Mumia” Ali was born in Burnaby, B.C. and now resides in Vancouver. She saw an Axé Capoeira demonstration at BCIT in 2003, and immediately fell in love with the combination of music, movement and martial arts. She joined Axé Capoeira and began taking classes in the Spring of 2004.

Training under the supervision and mentorship of Professor Barrãozinho, Mumia has been able to develop the skills, technique and knowledge to be a Capoeirista. To further enhance her knowledge and understanding of Capoeira and its roots she travelled to Brazil in 2005 and 2007, where she participated in events, workshops and classes across four states.

In 2006, she had the privilege of participating in Axé Capoeira’s week-long instructor’s course. At this course, revered Mestres of Capoeira including Mestre Barrão, and renowned historian Frede Abreu delivered in-depth lectures and intensive practical training.

Afro-Brazilian dance came to be a passion she discovered through Axé Capoeira. Aurina De Jesus (head choreographer of Axé Capoeira) trained her in a range of dances including Maracatu, Afro and Samba. She also has had the benefit of taking dance classes in Recife, Brazil at the famed Bale Popular do Recife. Mumia joined the Axé Capoeira Performance Group in 2005 and has since performed all over North America and in Brazil in over 100 shows.

Mumia is the Performance and Events manager for Axé Capoeira Vancouver. She currently teaches Capoeira and Brazilian Dance classes at the Vancouver academy. She also instructs Spinning and Zumba classes in the community.

Mumia attributes her drive, dedication and accomplishments in Axé Capoeira to the leadership and guidance of Mestre Barrao, Aurina De Jesus and Professor