Jian Pablico

Capoeira’s “completeness” is what makes it so challenging but, it is also what lured me into studying the art in the beginning and what keeps me coming back for more each class. Along with it’s sense of community, self-expression, energy, discipline, fun, and culture.

Mike L.

Personally I’ve found that Axé Capoeira pushes me to improve and increase my abilities both physically and mentally. Capoeira is a fun and great way to improve the health of your body and your mind. Whether it’s capoeira, music, or dance everyday is something challenging and satisfying.

Tina S

My son Hans began taking classes with Axé Capeoria at the age of 6 & 1/2. HE IS NOW 10 & 1/2 YEARS OLD. He has continued to have the most positive experience we could have ever imagined. The structure, the instruction, the programming is above all that we could have asked for?

Elsa Pang

My kids LOVE training at Axé Capoeira. They are taught discipline, creativity and respect! I got back into pre-pregnancy shape in just 6 months! Love it! No martial art has kept my interest for more than 6 months like Capoeira has. Training is alway fun, varied and dynamic!